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Peter Sedunary, Director, Network Lawyers

09 August 2017

Some would suggest our old friend the Transfer of Land has undergone enough changes. Over the years it’s been amended, tweaked, reworded, revamped. It’s really been quite a journey. And here we are again.

The Registrar is seeking to prepare the Transfer for its new life in the digital world. The first step towards achieving this goal seems logical enough. Let’s change the execution clause on the paper transfers so that practitioners can start getting used to signing on behalf of their clients, just as they will in the electronic space.

As electronic conveyancing approaches, the transfer is preparing for an extreme makeover as it morphs into digital form.

So let’s look at the key changes. Our transfer can now be signed by:

1. Australian Legal Practitioner – signing on behalf of the client, in doing so certifying that they have completed the VOI and hold Client Authorisation.

2. Licensed Conveyancer – signing as per the lawyer (above).

3. Electronic Lodgement Network Subscriber – a PEXA subscriber acting on their own behalf.

4. Purchaser / Vendor – when acting on their own behalf. The individual then needs to carry out VOI at the Post Office.

Please be aware: If you are a legal practitioner, in order to sign on behalf of your client you need to sign as either an Australian Legal Practitioner or Licensed Conveyancer. Do NOT sign as an Electronic Lodgement Network Subscriber, even if you are registered with PEXA.

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