Network Lawyers Podcast

#7) Paper vs PEXA

Published on 15 May 2018

Tune in to this podcast as we welcome Dylan Bray to the Network Lawyers team. Here we look at when to settle via paper or PEXA and the implications of getting this wrong.

Paper vs PEXA

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#6) Electronic Lodgement Timelines
Published on 14 November 2017
Here we look at some of the key dates with respect to the mandating of electronic conveyancing around Australia.

Electronic Lodgement Timelines

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#5) First Home Owners
Published on 4 September 2017
This week’s podcast looks at current legislation surrounding first home buyers. We clarify when and why an individual may be eligible to receive the First Home Owner Grant and/or a stamp duty reduction.

First Home Owners

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#4) New Transfer of Land
Published on 17 August 2017
In this podcast we look at the latest version of Land Victoria’s Transfer of Land and its implications for legal practitioners. We clarify the purpose of the four different execution clauses and discuss when each of these ought to be utilised.
#3) Digital Duties Form
Published on 19 July 2017
Tune in to this podcast for an insight into the new Digital Duties Form. Luciana and Peter discuss the implications of the new form and explain how Network Lawyers can be utilised as an outsourcing option.

Digital Duties Form

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#2) Legal Assurances
Published on 12 July 2017
Hear from Luciana and Peter as they address issues surrounding compliance, liability and client authorisation. Understand how you can outsource electronic conveyancing within the legal framework.

Legal Assurances

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#1) Hello from Network Lawyers
Published on 05 July 2017
Listen to the very first Podcast posted by Network Lawyers and hear from Luciana Ignatiadis (Principal) and Peter Sedunary (Director) as they introduce themselves and their company. Learn how Network Lawyers can help your business transition to the digital world.

Hello from Network Lawyers

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